Pope Evansio’s Reflection 2023 week 54. Bringing the charm back into 2024

🌹Charming -C=harming. Client/pal: “Pope, I am sooo exhausted emotionally! Can you believe that our relationship which had so much promise at the outset has over the years degenerated into one lie after the other, cheating, inconsistencies and inconsiderate attitude? My once charming sweetheart has succeeded in harming my emotional state greatly and honestly speaking, I dread 2024. Sometimes I wish that the world will come to an end”. This was a heartbreaking emotional outburst of a very wealthy person I know. . *Pope* : “Yunno, I once thought you were so happy. Hmmm, and even had a wish list of having just a 10th of your wealth”. I jokingly chipped in. *Client/Pal* : “Pope,I am serious ooo, you may not believe it but you have no idea about how I struggle to sleep in my own mansion..I wil readily trade places with you to enjoy some peace of mind. Money, for sure cannot buy and maintain love and charm”. *Turning harming into charming in 2024 and beyond* 🙏It is perfectly understandable to predict doom for 2024 if your story has been a cacophony of disappointment and betrayal. But has it occurred to us that we can actually elect to turn a harming experience into a charming one for ourselves and the people around us? 🙏No matter how charming a person is, if the Cs are not reflected in our day to day engagements, harming becomes our true nature.So, kindly come along and let’s bring the C’s back into our relationships:-❣️Communication: we must learn toc ommunicate clearly and concisely all the time.The grace of exhibiting honesty and truth in our conversations must mark our brand.❣️ Commitment: we must show dedication and loyalty in all our relationships. Honouring our obligations is simply an honorable thing to do! ❣️ Complement: Life is, indeed, a contribution and not a competition. Our mindset in entering into all our relationships must not be what is in there for me but rather, what can I contribute to build something we can own together. ❣️ Complimentary: Ghana can choose to go into bankruptcy but our ‘thank yous’ must never dwindle. Certainly, an attitude of gratitude will bring us into our altitude! We must never take other people’s efforts for granted.❣️ Cooperation: Leverage on each other’s strength to get the best out of each situation. Also,we must make it easier for people to predict us so that cooperation will be enhanced for our mutual benefits.❣️ Consideration: Seeing things from other people’s perspective will cause our sense of judgement to evaporate into thin air. If something is important for someone, don’t trivialize it.Make it count for them.❣️ Consistency: Say what you mean and mean what you say always and this should permeate everything we do. Constantly changing with the wind is not cool at all! ❣️ Charitable: we must be full of love and generosity; not forgetting benevolence; kindness and being lenient to one another. Everybody deserves love! ❣️ Conscientious/consciousness: we must be intentional in all we do and the catch word must be doing good because that is our true nature. ❣️Creator: No matter how we try with our own strength to achieve all the Cs, we are bound to fail unless we remember the fact that we are created in God’s image and strive willingly to know His will and walk in His ways.💡 *Serenity* 🕯️☦️What is more honourable than making helping(charming) ourselves/others the central theme of our 2024 resolutions and aiming at at least doing no harm if we cannot be helpful? Be the hope the society needs to live again in 2024 and beyond.🛐May our 2024 be filled with meaningful, charming relationships.Amen

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