Pope Evansio’s Reflection. 2024 week 1

Pope Evansio’s Reflection. 2024 week 1A new beginning. The last strike!*I had a habit I was not particularly proud of. For several years, I made it a new year’s resolution to stop but after a few days, I went back to it with even greater intensity. It was very frustrating and I felt it was not worth putting myself through another potential failure so I casually noted it as an appendix to my 2023 resolutions. Amazingly, that habit died in 2023 when I had almost given up on myself! *Not done yet*🙏Because change is a constant, we are almost, always presented with countless new beginnings….some pleasant , some not so pleasant. And for most people, we make resolutions to keep working at improving and/or maintaining the desirable ones while trying to avoid or minimize the unpleasant ones.🙏Every day the sun rises is a new beginning, and that is a tangible reason to be excited and hopeful to make new strides. But past failures and unforeseen changes can also make such new beginnings scary.👑Just remember that giving up on something worth living/striving for must not be an option for 2024 because we may be so close to the answer.🌗Never feel guilty of starting all over again(if need be) as long as we have learned, unlearned and relearned from past experiences. Indeed, living in the fear of what could go wrong will only end up robbing us of what we could have made right! Our Redeemer still lives! Aligning our will to His is the surest way to walk in His way to our purpose and fulfilling living. 🕯️ *Serenity* 💡☦️Even though we cannot always go back to the past and make a failed brand look glorious, we have the opportunity to make the choice to start from now wiser and more intentional at making a brand new future possible!🛐May we make a firm resolve towards living our purpose. Amen

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