Pope Evansio’s Reflection: It is possible!

It is possible. Impossible=I’m possible. A brother from another mother gave me an insight into his life that we both agreed was worth being reflected on. Born out of wedlock to a teenage mother (who died in the process of childbirth), no one gave him a dog’s chance to go beyond his first birthday because of recurrent febrile and convulsive illnesses. There was also the fear that his mental faculty could be affected( and probably miss some vital developmental milestones). However, at age six when he was put into school, he never stopped topping his class! Since then, every turning point(major or minor)in his life has been met with one challenge after the other but on each occasion, he came out better, stronger and bigger than before. He is currently a professor in medicine with sterling, impactful living. Indeed, for him, the naysayers keep doubting and saying it is IMPOSSIBLE but his attitude and outcome always depict: I’M POSSIBLE! TIME TO BELIEVE AGAIN🙏When life’s unfriendly, icy hands seem to touch every aspects of our lives, it is only natural for us to raise our hands in despair and/or just give up. But has it occurred to us that we are closer to our victory than we ever thought possible? Has it occurred to us that some roadblocks are the opportunities we need to discover ourselves and leverage on to carve a niche for our unique brand? 🙏 Do you have any doubt that adversities are advantages to a person with the right mindset and attitude to life? And that, calamities are clandestine conquests for the wise and learning person? Well, I don’t, because I have seen so many miracles and the fruit of hardwork to believe that setbacks are setups for the deep and reflective person. And that, handicaps hand the right arsenals for the glorious handiworks to emerge for all those who refuse to wallow in pity and make the best out of their lot. 🙏Indeed, with all the difficulties we encounter daily, it is only natural to view the future with gloom and helpless abandonment. But may I remind us that when the best things we seek for don’t seem possible, we can always make the best out of the things which are possible? People may even say it is IMPOSSIBLE! But with God, and an unwavering willingness to take our dominion mandate seriously,it can become: I’M POSSIBLE. 🙏Are you in a hopeless situation and your circumstances appear impossible to turnaround?Then, it is time to believe again and to let the deep call unto the deep and allow our creative prowess to emerge to turn our situation around and help us to fulfill our purpose.🙏 We cannot always prevent people from casting doubts on our possibilities but we must never make it easier for them by willingly cooperating through our poor choices to make their predictions come true. Lastly, will it be too drastic to ask that all those who are not willing to be part of our struggles must not be recognized in our success? Therefore, if you cannot honestly help, at least be an encouragement. 🕯️ Serenity💡☦️When we acquire the discipline of separating our needs from our wants and develop the attitude of concentrating on what is needful and within our means; suddenly, we will come to the realization that we are doing the impossible with what is possible! 🛐 May we see the invisible clearly enough to empower us to achieve the impossible. Amen

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