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Once upon a time, I embarked on a long trip. Before leaving home, my daughter advised me to travel light but I still carried two large bags full of personal effects and food items. At the airport, I was asked to pay for excess baggage (and looking at the amount involved), I had to offload some items I could live without. On my way back, I had a similar challenge and I had to move some of the personal stuff I travelled with into my hand luggage to make room for the gifts I bought for some people. I had to constantly struggle with that heavy hand load through many transit points.

🕸️ Proverbial epistle

Every purposeful pilgrim knows that the best way to travel far and fast is to carry just the essentials. Isn’t it amazing that many people who want to soar higher in life like eagles keep on carrying excess baggage?

⁉️ Random thoughts

  1. What excess baggage are we carrying?
  2. Why wait for circumstances to force us to do the needful?

🕹️ Introspection

We all aspire to be the best that we were created to be but this becomes very difficult for those who allow themselves to be heavily weighed down by the excess baggage of their past and present experiences, attitudes, toxic associations/relationships, positions, unrealistic expectations/ ambitions and trying to make other people their priority when to the same people, they are only an option.

🖲️ To travel light is an idiomatic expression which means to try and let go or avoid irresponsibilities, problems, thoughts and anything/ anyone which impede purposeful progress in life.

🫑 What are we on this earth for? What do we really need to achieve that? What excess baggage are we carrying which threaten our forward march? Which area of our life is suffering? Are there things/persons/ ideas/ experiences/ locations/associations/ attitudinal issues we can let go to travel far and fast?

🫑 Isn’t it better to constantly reflect over our purpose and take preemptive actions which will help us to stay focused on the really important issues rather than wait for life’s circumstances to force us to do the needful?

🫑Don’t we know that unnecessary worries divide our mind between today’s essentials and tomorrow’s challenges and eventually rob us of our creative powers?

🫑Won’t it be nice to have someone (or be that someone) who lifts spirits up and helps us learn to let go and stay focused? Don’t we need someone who can boldly look us in the face and tell us to refocus on life’s essentials and possibly lead us on the right path? Can’t we be that someone to somebody too?

🫑Wouldn’t it be wise to do what the airlines do by regularly checking the baggage we are carrying to keep it to the barest minimum by letting go of any excesses to enable us live a life of ease?

🫑Do we really need all the things/persons/ ideas/ attitudes etc we are carrying to be fulfilled in life or reach our highest? Don’t you agree that the less the excess in our baggage, the freer we are, and the more likely we are going to perform our best and enjoy more out of our life?

💡 Serenity 🕯️

Why keep wasting today’s strength on carrying yesterday’s excess baggage and tomorrow’s perceived problems when living light, pure, wise and simple with that strength today is all that we need to avert tomorrow’s problems?

May we have the wisdom and boldness to always dwell on the essentials. Amen

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