Government deliberately sarbotaging NDC MP’s – Dr. Minta Nyarku

The Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North Constituency, Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku has chided government for its deliberate attempt to stiffle development in NDC Constituencies across the country. Dr. Minta Nyarku avered that when MP’s statutory funds are released, those of the New Patriotic Party would be released more than six months ahead before NDC MP’s own are released.

“This to me is delibrate, and that makes the work of the NDC MP’s more difficult. If you don’t have any ingenious ways to help yourself, then you’re stuck, “he stated. He made these remarks on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, when he was speaking on Ahomka 99.5 FM as part of his Accounting to the People Radio Tour for 2023 for stewardship as an MP. “I’m a member of Parliament myself and when we apply for our statutory funds, they delay unnecessarily” emphasising “the whole of 2021,2022, I didn’t get my NHIS funds, my GETFUND in 2023 is yet to be released. Anyone in doubt can equally ask the Metropolitan Health Officer, “he affirmed. According to him, all these are machinations from the government to deliberately frustrate the efforts of NDC MPs, and in his view, such things are not fair towards governing a democratic country. When his attention was drawn to the fact that he promised to construct an astro turf for his constituents, he responded, “Just yesterday I had a discussion with someone concerning the astro turf. God-willing, the good people of Cape Coast North would get an astro tuff before the 2024 elections, “Ragga as he is affectionately called emphasised. The Cape Coast North MP cautioned all the constituents to be calm as the months and days progresses towards the 2024 elections.

“The 2024 elections would be about integrity and commitment towards progress and development. With the kind of population in Cape Coast North, “I think I’ve discharged my function creditably and deserve to represent them for another term,” he ended.

Source: DC Kwame Kwakye

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